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ASDA-M Series

The ASDA-M series adopts a design that allows three axes to sufficiently share PN power with output power and regenerated power. Less power loss can be achieved through DC bus voltage changes without additional communication links. Compared to general servo systems this 3-in-1 design also reduces the input from the grid with effective energy saving, benefits/cost reduction and reliability enhancement.

  • Multi-axis synchronous interpolation
  • Advanced gantry control
  • Flexible electronic cam (E-Cam) function
  • Excellent vibration and resonance suppression for different mechanical applications
  • Full-closed loop control (Accuracy of positioning guaranteed)
  • Versatile PR mode for various and multiple continuous motion movements

High-end machines requiring 3-axis synchronous control / Adhesive dispensing / Gluing machines/ Winding machines / Multi-axis Cartesian robot arms / Gantry control system