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DMV2000 Series

The latest Delta Machine Vision System DMV2000 Series provides a smart and user friendly operation interface with high-speed, high-precision, and multi-processing capabilities. It supports a multi I/O input and output communication interface, and standard industrial network interfaces including Ethernet, RS-232 and RS-485, to ensure product quality and enhance overall production efficiency with outstanding machine vision inspection capabilities.

The DMV2000 Series adopts asynchronous processing capabilities, and can operate multi-camera tasking. In addition, it adopts a variety of visual inspection functions including high-speed camera with Camera Link interface, color inspection, 1-D and 2-D barcode reading, and lens and perspective distortion calibration. Matched with an enhanced CPU processing speed, user-friendly UI interface and various extension modules, the DMV2000 Series is a flexible, high-efficiency, and high-performance machine vision system.

The DMV Series can be effectively applied in a variety of industries, including general industrial machinery, automotive, rubber and plastics, pharmaceuticals, food, printing, packaging, metal processing, robotic arm integrated applications, TFT, semiconductors, solar energy and other related electronics industries, producing a high yield rate with excellent quality.