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SICK unveils new sensor that takes laser-based ranging to ‘new levels and applications’ for warehouse robots

It has expanded its 2D LiDAR sensor offerings for localization and anti-collision applications with the compact TiM2xx product family. This is in response to the new requirements on functionality, size, and price.

Globally, the e-commerce sector continues to experience strong growth. This has also led to an increase in demand for automation solutions to support the growing logistics infrastructure and the transport of goods and products.

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) are handling more logistics tasks of varying kinds. Simultaneously, the latest AMR designs are becoming increasingly compact and streamlined.

Accordingly, 2D LiDAR sensor solutions need to keep pace with these new types of applications in terms of functionality, size, and price. With the TiM2xx series, SICK is launching a sensor that excels at all three.

The TiM240 is the first variant in the TiM2xx series and has an enclosure rating of IP65 for indoor use. The TiM240 scans a 240 degree area up to 10 meters away at speeds up to 15 times per second.

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